Our Quality Commitment Charter

Quality at the heart
of our products

To guarantee the reliability and quality of its products, Pâtisseries Gourmandes chooses its suppliers with the utmost care, based on demanding selection criteria. Throughout the production process, all the way up to shipping, our products are regularly subject to quality control tests. This guarantees that consumers enjoy great-tasting, healthy and safe products.

In terms of food safety, Pâtisseries Gourmandes is committed to a process based on HACCP* guidelines. Our ingredients are guaranteed both GMO- and irradiation-free. Our product development focuses on recipes that contain no dyes, E-additives, glucose syrup or aspartame.

Today, our products contain no palm oil. The wording “Palm oil-free” on our packages informs consumers of this, and we offer them baked goods made exclusively using butter and/or canola oil. Finally, we work every day to incorporate more natural flavorings in our recipes, to offer you baked goods that are even more delicious.

* HACCP: (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) a method of controlling safety risks in food items.

A commitment
to Clean Label

What is Clean label ?It is a commitment that fits in with today’s trend in consuming more “natural” products. Pâtisseries Gourmandes has been working in this way for several years now, namely in the development of its new products.

This commitment is illustrated by our careful selection of ingredients, the fact that we use no modified starches, dyes or preservatives, and our use of natural flavorings. Our bakers and flavor specialists work hand-in-hand to avoid the use of additives.


Pâtisseries Gourmandes also places nutritional concerns at the heart of its innovation process. Certain ranges are developed with strict monitoring of the sugar, salt and fat content of the pastries that come out of our production facilities. There are also specific ranges for people with special dietary needs, for example a range of baked goods without added sugar and a range of products rich in protein.

For more sustainable
economic development

Pâtisseries Gourmandes strives to develop its business in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. In addition to reducing the amount of energy we consume and quantity of waste we produce, we feel it is absolutely vital to make our sustainable development policy ever more demanding.

Pâtisseries Gourmandes:
active on the Organic market

For several years, Pâtisseries Gourmandes has been producing organic baked goods: our production facilities in Loudéac and Saint Tugdualare are certified to ECOCERT standards, which allows us to offer a range of organic baked goods, including quatre-quarts pound cakes, Madeleine cakes and snacks, which meet the specifications of the AB organic foods label.

A member of Produit en Bretagne
“(Made in Brittany)”


The aim of this label, created by several entrepreneurs from Brittany who wanted to showcase the region, is simple: to highlight products by focusing on their Breton origins. The Produit en Bretagne (‘Made in Brittany’) Label is thus dedicated to promoting the region, maintaining its jobs, advertising the quality of the area’s products and protecting the local environment.

Today, “Produit en Bretagne” has 300 member companies and 100,000 employees who promote the values of ethical, socially responsible business. Pâtisseries Gourmandes is proud to be among them.

IFS certification


All Pâtisseries Gourmandes production facilities are certified to International Featured Standard (IFS) Food Higher Level. This internationally recognized standard is intended for companies that make retail brand products, private label products or “low-cost” products.

Professional equality index


This year, our equality index is 86/100. It is awarded to all companies with at least 50 employees.

Our ambition is to pursue this effort of equality between our employees to improve this indicator.